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Tue, Apr 21
Essex Market
April Immersive Meetup
Tue, May 05
The Artist Co-op
Playtest: Revolutionaries
Tue, May 12
The Artist Co-op
Larp: Ultimate Monster Struggle!
Tue, May 19
Essex Market
May Immersive Meetup
Tue, Jun 16
The Artist Co-op
Larp: Howling Fire Theomachy
Tue, Jul 14
The Artist Co-op
Larp: Reconciliation & Awakening
Sat, Aug 01
Saint John's In the Village
Sat, Mar 28
Apartment 2R
Playtest: Consumption
Tue, Apr 07
The Artist Co-op
Larp: Kingdom Come

Coming Soon

  • Can you foil a kidnapping?

  • Call up a phone psychic and have a chat with your past life.

  • "Can you convince my cousin Karen that vaccines don't cause autism?"

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