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A larp of erotic horror

This larp is a playtest.

Monstrosity is a vampire larp, previously run in 2021 as an invite-only experience. If you're reading this, you've been invited to apply for the next run, which will take place on November 2nd through 6th, 2023,  in Atlantic City at the Showboat hotel. The cost is $150 and lodging is not included.The link below will explain everything you need to know.

You may share this webpage with individuals, but do not post it to social media or distribute it to large groups.
 Applications will be open through September 10, when we will start the selection process.  You'll be notified no later than September 24th.

Again, this is a playtest. It is not a complete work, nor is it presented in its final format. All pre-larp information is included here for review, but there will be differences between what’s described and the experience itself.

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