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A vampire larp of erotic horror

What Makes a Monster?

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This larp is a playtest. 
Next run:
Aug 15 - 17 | Pocanos | $675

Monstrosity is an erotic horror larp about vampires and their victims. If you’re reading this, you’re invited to our next playtest. Please read our Information Letter about Playtest 4Remember, this larp is a work in progress, there may be differences between what’s described on this webpage and the experience itself. 

The vampire is a solitary predator, who was once human, and the monster remembers the social animal it used to be. They are not without family, having the one that made them and the ones they made. There is a question of if they are immortal or undead, and whether their cruelty is born out of boredom, hunger, or just the memory of what it was like to be alive. However, there is one sure thing about vampires: they must feed.

The human is a social animal, and also a predator; they prey upon both other species and their own. Their families may be biological or found and can often be estranged. Whether their lives have meaning - either innate or of their own device - is a matter of debate. A little-known fact about humans is that each has within them the makings of a monster. 

Monstrosity is a larp about vampires and the humans they prey upon. The vampires have gathered for a dinner party; their guests are both the night’s refreshments and entertainment. Although the humans don’t know it yet, before dawn they’ll learn that they have two choices: become a vampire themselves, or perish before the sun rises.


Monstrosity is an erotic horror larp that includes situations of violence, non-consent and death; as a participant, you can expect to encounter (and participate) in situations with nudity, sexual activity, fake blood and realistic portrayals of violence.

Basic Information

  • Please check out our Information Letter for more details!

  • Monstrosity costs $675 and includes lodging. Meals will be served Friday and Saturday. 

  • The larp begins Thursday, August 15th at 8 pm; activities continue through Saturday night, August 15th. Expect the larp to end shortly before midnight with a social to follow. 

  • Location: Albrightsville, Pennsylvania. 

  • Applications are currently open and should remain open through June 14th. However, spots in the larp will be rewarded via "rolling admission."

Description of Play

Participants will play in pairs: one vampire, one human. Together you’ll explore monstrosity and humanity over the course of three nights. The first night will be an out-of-role party where everyone gets to know each other, the second and third night you’ll tell the story of a vampiric dinner party. In addition, you’ll have workshops during the day to help you create your character and calibrate your play. 


When the larp begins, humans will arrive ignorant of the fate that awaits them… they’ll think they’re merely going to a sexy party with other powerful people. The vampires soon reveal themselves, feeding upon the humans, and revealing their fate: some of them might become vampires themselves, while the others will be sucked dry by the end of the night. The only way to survive is to win favor with the vampires through their cruel games, and in the end, no one - vampire or human - leaves the party unchanged. 


Why would you play this larp? You should play if you want to engage in the fantasy of the vampire:

  • The powerful outsider - While they’re monsters who will literally never see the light of day, human look at vampires with envy and fear, not disgust.

  • The rape fantasy - As a mysterious figure who comes at night to ravage their victim… the vampire fulfills a desire that people are often afraid to speak out loud.

  • The vampire as the monster - Vampires aren’t evil; they are predators, and that situation makes them monsters to “normal” people - who may be monsters themselves.

Want to learn more? Click the button to learn more about the Participant Experience.



If you’re looking at this website, we expect that someone told you personally about this larp. That means someone trusted you enough to tell you about this larp, and maybe even participate with them. It also means they trust your discretion.


Discretion is important to everyone involved in Monstrosity. If you participate, we ask you to trust everyone involved will not discuss details of the larp that could cause harm, and we trust you to refrain from doing the same. What sort of details can cause harm?

  • Sharing the names of people who participate with anyone outside your run.

  • Discussing specific activities that occurred without the permission of the people involved.

  • Associating the name of the larp with the organizers or their company.

  • Taking any photographs at the events.


That said, the concept behind this larp is that “you have to know someone” to get in.  You are now “that someone.” So feel free to let people know about “this erotic horror vampire larp” called Monstrosity. Just remember, don’t post the website or materials on social media: we want people to find it like you did, through word of mouth.

Time Commitment

This is a three-day larp, designed to fully prepare you to play with little work before you arrive. We do have three online events prior to the larp to assist you. We ask you make at least one of these three events.

  • Prior to the event, we’ll schedule a 30-minute “Two-On-One” with the organizer to explain more about the event.

  • We’ll schedule a 60-minute online discussion for both human and vampires. 

  • We’ll have one full cast hang-out prior to the event to get to know each other. 

Once you arrive at the larp, we ask you to respect everyone’s time and attend all parts of the event. This will include an out-of-role welcome party the first night at 8 pm. Each day before we play, you can expect up to two and a half hours of workshops to help prepare you for the night. These workshops will take place between lunch and dinner (assume you’ll be busy between 2 - 5 pm for scheduling purposes). The larp itself starts at 7:30 pm each night and ends shortly before midnight. 


To play Monstrosity, you have to sign up using our application. You have two options:

  • Sign up with a partner, where one of you plays a vampire, and the other plays their human “guest.”

  • Sign up individually, and we’ll introduce you to potential partners.

Participants who sign up as a pair will be admitted on a "rolling basis" (we'll review your applications and issue you a spot if eligible). If you sign up individually, we'll notify you at the end of the sign-up window if you have a spot. Note: If you sign up individually, some of your responses (including your contact information) will be shared with potential participants. 



We will provide alcohol for this larp. Please do not bring your own during play; however, feel free to bring beverages to share with other participants at the afterparty.



Our basic guideline is “dress to undress.” Think about what it will be like if you want to take off clothes, and remember, even if you opt out of sexual activity, this can still be a very physical larp, so please do not bring anything that can easily be damaged. Note: we will be using fake blood that is machine washable.


Please make sure you can wear your costume in the common areas of the hotel without attracting too much attention. We will have a space for you to change and leave personal items out-of-role, but you will not have privacy there. Please do not bring any valuables.

Questions? If you're not on the Discord server, ask the person who showed you this website.

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