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A larp of erotic horror

Altantic City, November 2 - 4

Participant Experience

The Dinner Party is a three-day larp where participants play vampires and their mortal prey. The vampires feed, the mortals struggle to survive, and all play cruel games with each other.

What's Going On?

The vampires are having a dinner party. As predators, they have protocols when they gather in one place, and they bring a human in the same way one might bring a bottle of wine… and try to impress each other by bringing the “best bottle” - a human who is as terrible as them. These humans have an opportunity to be made a vampire at the end of the night… or die trying.

Who Will You Play?

Half of you will play vampires: monstrous predators who engage in acts of cruelty because it makes them feel alive. They are evil in the same way a cat is evil to a mouse - it is their nature,  but they are not without empathy. The other half will play mortals… but not just any mortal. The vampires pick extraordinary people as their victims - the rich, the famous, the brilliant, the beautiful - but it’s not their accomplishments that set these mortals apart: each one has their own particular cruelty. During the dinner party, the monsters become more human as they reveal their hidden empathy, and the humans become more monstrous, as they use their cruel instincts to survive.

Where and When Will This Play Out?

The party takes place in the “Sanctuary” of a powerful vampire, the “Host.” An invitation is a great honor and a means to a more comfortable existence for the vampires. In the Sanctuary, the Host will provide space for their guests to feed, fuck and torture their mortals over the course of the night. For the mortals, they’ll start play simply knowing they’ve been invited to a party, unaware of the existence of vampires or the fate that awaits them at the end of the night.

How Do You Prepare?

As you play, you learn more about the experience, so very little preparation is necessary. You’ll be assigned a role as a vampire or mortal and paired with a partner, and you’ll receive a short questionnaire to discuss with them before the larp. Other than that, you’ll receive an invitation with the dress code and schedule of events.

Why Would You Play This Larp?

This larp is about about the fantasy of the vampire:

  • The powerful outsider - While they’re monsters who will literally never see the light of day, mortals look at vampires with envy and fear, not disgust.

  • The rape fantasy - As a mysterious figure who comes at night to ravage their victim… the vampire fulfills a desire that people are often afraid to speak out loud.

  • The vampire as the monster - Vampires aren’t evil - they are predators, and that situation makes them a monster to “normal” people - who may be monsters themselves.

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