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A larp of erotic horror

Altantic City, November 2 - 4

The vampire is a solitary predator, but was once human, and the monster remembers the social animal it once was. They are not without family, having the one that made them and the ones they made. There is a question of if they are immortals or undead - whether their cruelty is born out of boredom and hunger, or just the memory of what it was like to be alive. However, there is one sure thing about vampires: they must feed.


The human is a social animal, and also a predator; they prey both upon other species and their own. Their family may be biological or found and is often estranged. Whether their life has meaning - either innate or of their own device - is a matter of debate. A little known fact of all humans is that each has within them the makings of a monster. 

A Night to Remember

Monstrosity is a larp about vampires and the humans they prey upon. The vampires have gathered for a dinner party; their mortal guests are both the night’s refreshments and entertainment. Although the humans don’t know what they’ve stumbled into, they’ll learn that they have two choices tonight: entice one of the vampires to make them into a monster, or perish before the sun rises.


Participants will play in pairs: one vampire, one mortal. Together you’ll explore monstrosity and humanity over the course of three nights. The first night will be an out-of-role party where everyone gets to know each other, the second and third night will be in-role. In addition, you’ll have about five hours of workshops to help you create your character and calibrate your play. 


This is larp about cruelty and empathy with overt themes of sexuality and violence. Your character can expect to encounter situations of violence, non-consent and death; as a participant, you can expect to encounter (and participate) in situations with nudity, sexual activity, (fake) blood and realistic simulations of violence. This larp costs $150 and does not include lodging; light refreshments will be served each night. The out-of-role party will start at 9:00 pm on Thursday; you should plan on attending all scheduled activities through Saturday night at midnight. 


Would you like to know more? Please read about the Participant Experience

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