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Season Tickets (2024-2025)

Season tickets to our entire 2024-2025 season. Included in the price is admission to the following larps:

  • Honor Bound by Randy Lubin & Jason Morningstar (Sep 24)
  • To the Bitter End by Bjarke Pedersen and Lizzie Stark (Nov 24)
  • Desecration by Sereia McDaniel (Feb 25)
  • Good to the Last Bite by Julia Ellingboe & Kat Jones (Mar 25)
  • Sacrament by Omenstar (Apr 25)
  • But Not Tonight by Yeonsoo Julian Kim (May 25)

All events will take place in New York City. Please see our Season Ticket Policy.

Season Tickets (2024-2025)

  • As this is a multi-larp season ticket, we cannot provide comprehensive content notices in advance. You will have the opportunity to review content notices for each individual larp. None of these larps have been deemed to contain "high risk" content beyond the norm for a New York City immersive theater production. 

  • Please see the Season Tickets Policy for alterations to our refund policy.

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