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Right Here, Right Now, No Future

Two chasers face off during Ascension X, a cyberpunk larp

You lived in the real world once. You had a life, maybe even a family. And you could have kept it too… all you had to do was look away. Now you’re here in Purgatory… the meatspace between the virtual world the megacorps spoon-fed you and the truth beneath all their lies. And you have to find that truth, even though it’ll probably be the last thing you do.

Fight the Lies. Find the Truth.

Maybe Survive

A New Kind of Hell

Meet your handler during Ascension X, a cyberpunk larp
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Ascension X has closed its sign ups for its development run, but will make information public as we finalize documents. Follow us on Facebook for updates, and for more information, see our Concept Doc.

Ascension X is a long-form larp set as a sequel

Fight the future in Ascension X, a cyberpunk larp

to Project Ascension. You play a Chaser, amember of a crew who does dirty shit for cred, all the while searching for the truth of this world, and what's really behind this big conspiracy. Together, we’ll tell a story about this messed-up world and our quest to fix just a little part of it.


This is an alternate reality experience that is uncomfortably close to the real. There are fantastic elements: cyberware, secret cabals, a panopticon (although maybe not as “fantastic as we hope”) but the setting for Ascension X is the real world… if we introduce a fictional element or two. You’ll see a strange piece of technology and a bunch of made-up history, but it’s still “what you see is what you get.”


What changes when we play Ascension X is how we participate in this world. We create a persona that’s not our own so we can live it a little *more.* We look closer. We feel deeper. And we take the experience to more intense level… because we’re living in the dystopian future, and it’s that or roll over and accept it.

Development Run - Starting January 2021

Ascension X will begin with an online development run, from January to February 2021, culminating in a 6-hour online larp on February 20th. Participants will get in at the ground floor, helping shape the setting, play experience, and culture of the experience. In addition to the online larp, participants will receive:

  • Access to the design documents, both in draft and beta form.

  • Invitations to weekly online discussions with the designers of Ascension X.

  • Additional resources including exclusive access to our Discord server and our development blog.

The Development Run is open to 25 participants - 20 paid, and 5 scholarship. Paid tickets will cost $75. All participants will be selected via application; payment is due upon selection. For more details, see our Concept Doc.

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