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Social Justice

Art is political. We seek to improve not only ourselves and our art, but the world as a whole. The first step towards that better world is an acknowledgement of past mistakes, and the decision to do better.

Reparations For Slavery

Black Lives Matter.


Sinking Ship Creations understands this country was built by slave labor as part of an ongoing atrocity dating back for hundreds years. We acknowledge the effects of slavery continue, with de facto slavery enforced by mass incarceration, police brutality, and a system designed to perpetuate racial inequalities.


Reparations are due.

As such, the ownership of Sinking Ship Creations will pay the full price of any Black person who wishes to accept this as part of our ongoing effort at reparations. Further, half of any scholarship tickets offered will be reserved for Black people who wish to attend our events. 

If you are a Black person who wishes to accept our reparations, please contact us for further details.

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that what we now call New York City was the home to the Lenape, including the Canarsee, the Mericoke, and the Matinicock, long before Europeans invaded this area. The guilt of this ongoing genocide and continued attempts to chip at their rightful sovereignty should never be forgotten nor accepted in a city that is now the richest in material wealth in the world. 


As part of this acknowledgement, we will not accept any payment for our events from any Indigenous person: it is the least we can do to humbly invite you to our events to enjoy our services. While it does not make up for the crimes against Indigenous people, we cannot simultaneously acknowledge the bloody history of this land and then accept payment for the events we hold on it.

If you are an Indigenous person and want to attend one of our events, please contact us for further details. Please do not take advantage of this if you have no right to claim it. There is a long history of white settlers taking what is not theirs to claim- please do not add to it. 

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