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Code of Conduct

Sinking Ship Creations uses many risk reduction tools and this Code of Conduct is only one of them. It informs you of specific behaviors you must follow to participate. These behaviors were identified during our risk assessment as critical for you to “read and heed.” These behaviors can only reduce the risk of harm, and cannot by themselves promote a safe and inclusive space for our larp. However, the principles that guide them can help us create a positive experience for all, and form the core of our Code of Conduct:

  1. Your safety is more important than the larp. 

  2. Do not roleplay without consent.

  3. If you roleplay with someone, take care of them.


With all that said, please observe the following behaviors in regards to participation in our events:

  • To abide by our Anti-Harassment Policy.

  • To obtain positive consent for physical touch, and to limit heavy physical contact (including sexual activity) to appropriately zoned or private locations.

  • To obtain positive and continued verbal consent (“‘yes’ means ‘yes’”) prior to any sexual contact with another participant, facilitator, or staff member.

  • To refrain from roleplay with non-participants.

  • To respect all accessibility and safety mechanics.

  • To avoid illegal activity, including the use of controlled substances in an illegal manner.

  • To avoid drinking and driving: do not drive if you’ve had alcohol in the last 12 hours.

  • To avoid underage drinking and avoid any sort of support for underage drinking.

Also, we ask you to acknowledge that you are responsible for your own food, property, and sleeping arrangements at all times. 


We ask that you comply with all staff member and facilitator instructions at all times; failure to do so may violate this Code of Conduct. However, as a participant, you have a right to fair and equal treatment: if you feel you have been treated unjustly by the staff or your concerns are not being heeded, you have the right to discuss this with the Risk Monitor. At the beginning of any event, the Risk Monitor will be identified: you may contact them at any time, for any reason, and they will work to resolve any issue within the context of the experience.


Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in a verbal warning, staff intervention, removal from the event or portions thereof, or permanent ban from Sinking Ship Creations events. Sinking Ship Creations will consider intent and contrition when considering responses to Code of Conduct violation, but may apply more severe consequences to any violation at the staff’s discretion. Do not expect any tolerance for repeat violations.

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