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Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all activities of Sinking Ship Creations and governs data collection and usage. This website is for information and marketing regarding our productions and related material. It is owned and operated by Sinking Ship Creations, LLC. Use of this website gives consent to the collection and usage of your information as described below.


We collect information you voluntarily provide us, including your name, email address, and other information relevant to the experiences we produce. We do this to process transactions, market our productions, and provide information about related material. We do not share your contact information with other parties without your consent.

Our website uses cookies both to enhance your experience and help us market materials to you. You should have a consent notice appear when you first visit our website regarding the use of cookies.


We use your information both for our productions and for marketing. Our productions may tailor your experience based on the information you provide, or we may use your information to develop future experience or make decisions related to our operations. For marketing purpose, we review both the information you provide and your online activities to promote our productions and market them, both to you and the general public.


  • When we provide an external link, we accept no liability for their use of your information.

  • We use for our web hosting service, who provides for our online security. Please review their policies if you have a security question.

  • Children under 18 are prohibited from using this site.

  • You may contact us at Please use this email to make changes to your information or if you consent to this policy.

  • Updates to this policy will be posted on this page.

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