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Risk Reduction


At Sinking Ship Creations, we call our safety system “risk reduction.” We do this because we want to create a culture of joint responsibility, transparency, and realistic expectations, while providing for safer and more accessible experiences.


What do we mean by this? 

  • Joint Responsibility - When you come to one of our experiences, we share accountability for what happens to you. We, as a company, must decide the level of risk we’re willing to allow, and then you, as the participant, have to accept it. 

  • Transparency - We ask more of our participants, as we do not offer a “safe space” for our experiences… we offer a risk-reduced space. As such, we have to offer more transparency so you, the participant, can make an informed, risk-aware decision.

  • Realistic Expectations - Risk reduction is our responsibility, but there are limits to what we can provide. We have to work with you to make sure we have a shared mental model of what the experience will be like.

Our goal is a safer, more accessible experience - we do not view our system as static, but as a system of constant improvement. When we encounter a hazard or barrier to play, we will assess it, mitigate it, and inform you of our actions and your options.  We do this through our four pillars of safety.

Risk Management

Before every event, we identify and assess risks, and mitigate them to a level acceptable to us. We then offer you risk notices so that you can make an informed, risk-aware decision.


In order to promote a culture of risk reduction, we have to have clearly stated intentions and guidance. This policy has to be accessible to our participants, and usable by our staff.


We do not accept that policy is an effective risk management tool - if we’re going to ask you to do something, you have to be trained to do, and then practice it. 

Constant Improvement

When we encounter a new hazard or barrier to play, we have to act. Further, we have to investigate errors and incidents: our first priority is always to prevent further harm, and never to punish for the sake of punishment.

Call to Action

By reading this, you’ve shown you care about risk reduction at Sinking Ship Creations events. Before you play, you’ll be given some form of training and asked to acknowledge the basics of our Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment policy. If you want to learn more about our Risk Reduction system, we’ve made our core documents available on our website.

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