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Previously Featured

Sacrament (2023)

Omen Star's ongoing tale of goetic summoning and secret societies made its North American debut with us in 2023.  Sacrament will return!

Mars Raiders.jpg

Mars Raiders (2021)

By Totally Human

Mars Raiders was a live interactive theatrical space game that invites you to call into a Mars mission unlock clues and determine the astronaut’s fate.  See the Totally Human website for more details.

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By Ryan Hart & Jay Knox

Fight the lies. Find the truth. Maybe survive. Ascension X was a campaign larp set in our cyberpunk vision of New York City. A long-form story about the current dystopia and those who refuse to accept it.  

Meet your handler during Ascension X, a cyberpunk larp
Square - #WAN copy.jpeg

#WeAreNecropolis (2020)

By Julia Ellingboe and Kat Jones

Some people call it a quarantine… some call it social experiment as entertainment. Welcome to the first city of the undead designed to contain the spread of vampirism. So whip out your phone and tell your friends.


Phone Larps (2020)

By Betsy Isaacson

Three immersive experiences played entirely by phone, including Girl on the PhoneFragile Recall, and The Other Side of the Line. As featured in the New York Times and the Imaginary Worlds podcast. You can find more information about this experience at Mirror World Creations.

Phone Larps

Calculations (2020)

By Betsy Isaacson, based on the original by Caro Murphy

A personal larp experience adapted for just two people. This science fiction larp placed you on the bridge of a spaceship, and asked you to make a difficult... calculation.

Basic Principles of Incantation (2019)

By Sharang Biswas and Max J. Seidman

One of the slickest larps we've produced, combining a beloved genre with a witty introduction to linguistics and light social commentary.

Basic Principles of Incantation.
Pub Crawl: Infinity Engine

Pub Crawl: Infinity Engine (2019)

By Caro Murphy

A merger a steampunk larp with a West Village pub crawl, the Infinity Engine brought pervasive larp to lower Manhattan.

Flashlarp! (2018, 2019, 2023)

By Ryan Hart

Two hours, no prep, one larp - we work with our participants to create a story in a rehearsal room with a beginning, middle and an end. Flashlarp! will return!

Escape From Marseilles

Escape From Marseilles (2018, 2019)

By Betsy Isaacson

As story of Varian Fry and his of a group of American vigilantes helping high-profile fugitives flee Nazi-occupied France, saving people like Max Ernst, Marc Chagall and Hannah Arendt. After a successful New York City run, we staged Escape From Marseilles at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

White Death (2019)

By Nina Runa Essendrop and Simon Steen Hansen

A seminal larp where participants use a poetic approach to life, death, and acceptance; White Death is a classic of Nordic Larp, produced professionally in New York for the first time.

White Death

Fade (2019)

By Kathy Amende

Kathy Amende's acclaimed larp of existential horror, played in a room where participants can choose oblivion at any time.

10-32 (2018)

By Jay Knox

A story of gun violence in the near future: 10-32  tells a story of humans and androids during a normal day in the mall, just before an active shooter intrudes on their existence.

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