Vampires. Drama. Memes

By Julia Ellingboe and Kat Jones

Some people call it a quarantine… some call it social experiment as entertainment. Welcome to the first city of the undead designed to contain the spread of vampirism. So whip out your phone and tell your friends.




November 20 - 21

$94 Participant | $19 Audience

Online on our Discord server

#WeAreNecropolis is a three-day online experience about social media, the perception of reality, and, of course, vampires. Five  years ago, vampires revealed themselves. The government’s solution to address the vampire population was to establish the first Necropolis, part social experiment, part quarantine city. 

You are about to make history as a citizen of the first Necropolis. You’re heading to a world of drama, glamor, and the undead. And the world is watching. Necropolis is the hottest topic trending on social media. Vampires and their human neighbors face the reality of a city of immortal haves and have-nots.

Event Information

When - November 20 - 22. We'll run 7 to 11 pm Friday and Saturday, and 4 to 7 pm on Sunday. All times are EST.

Where - The whole experience will occur online, on our Discord server.

Cost - $94 for full participants, $19 for audience members

Content Warnings - Descriptions of violence, mild profanity, mild sexuality. No violence or sexual activity will occur "on screen."

The experience will consist of 10 hours of structured scenes, led by our facilitators. In addition, the experience includes a 1 hour workshop and 1 hour debrief. 

We have two types of tickets:

  • Full participants will be the "stars" and enjoy 10 hours of role-play.

  • Audience members will watch the action from 9 - 11 pm each day, and be able to contribute through our social media interface. 

For a full description of play, review this document.


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Hover on the images for photo credit. Primary photography by Frank Martinez (model: Katalena Mermelstein)