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Jay Knox

Jay became a game designer to tell stories, connect people, and make Ryan jealous by consistently being the best looking person in the room. In addition to 10 years of live action experience, Jay brings a number of skills to Sinking Ship Creations, including training in dance, theater, martial arts, and fight choreography.  Jay's work has been displayed at both Dragon Con and New York Comic Con, and as a professional Parkour instructor.  Jay lives in Manhattan, and is raising the winner of the 2054 Presidential election. 

Ryan, co-owner of Sinking Ship Creations
Ryan, co-owner of Sinking Ship Creations

Ryan Hart

Ryan would claim to be a tinker, a tailor, a soldier, and a spy, but in truth he couldn’t hem a pair of pants.  He developed his interest in storytelling as a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy, where he discovered theater as part of the Academy’s Bluebard’s Theater Troupe. His live action career has taken him from California to New York, producing over two dozen events in four states, as well as running events for hundreds (and one time, thousands) of people.  Outside of larp, Ryan is a military and airline pilot with over 1,500 hours over Iraq and Afghanistan. He also has a teenage child who has been known to larp with him on occasion.

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