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The Sinking Ship

Sinking Ship Creations was founded in 2006 as an larp studio in Northern California. For the next decade, a group of friends would run events in Alabama, California, Georgia, New Jersey and New York - mostly small events for friends. The crew included members of what would become Peculiar Crossroads Productions, who left in 2017 after they decide to try running professional larps.


(They had offered the crew the chance to produce what would become Armistice Arcane, but we declined, thinking it couldn't be done. We were wrong).

Later that year, Ryan ran a larp for Jay's birthday. While standing in line to print out character sheets, the customer next to him asked him what he was making. After explain live action role-play to her, she asked him for his card. Of course, he didn't have one.

Not a group to make the same mistake three times, we incorporated Sinking Ship Creations in January 2018 to produce and promote larp in the New York City theater community. On this website, you'll find out what they've been up to since then, but also about the company they run, and the values behind their actions. When reading about this production company, realize how much we value transparency. The material isn't here because you need it to enjoy our stories... it's here so you can learn who we are.

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