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Some people call it a quarantine… some call it social experiment as entertainment. Welcome to the first city of the undead designed to contain the spread of vampirism. So whip out your phone and tell your friends.



What secrets does New York City have to tell? Phantoms of Old New York is the latest chapter in the the story of the Mancer-Verse, picking up after our highly successful pervasive larp, Scapegoat. Join us either online or as part of our augmented-reality experience to discover the hidden history of New York and explore places that were were never quite forgotten.

Phantoms of Old New York is an experience designed with the challenges of Covid-19 in mind. Website forthcoming.



Phantoms of Old New York

(April 2021)


#WeAreNecropolis (December)

Cathedral (August 2021)

To live forever, what wouldn't you do? This one-day experience is the second part of a trilogy exploring the consequences of Scapegoat. Working with Betsy Isaacson of Mirror World Creations, we'll bring you this experience in.

Learn more about Cathedral at our event page.

The Resurrectionists (October 2021)


Let's see what we dig up.

The Resurrectionists completes our 2021 Mancer-Verse trilogy with a three-night, high-ritual event exploring both the erotic and macabre. Find your own truth in our sandbox-style event designed specifically for the Halloween season. Website forthcoming.

Project Ascension (April 2022) and Scapegoat (October 2022)

We're bringing back our highly successful blockbusters in 2022 - Project Ascension and Scapegoat.  Both will be reimagined for a new audience more tightly connected for a seamless experience, but can still be played as stand-alone events. Click on the logos for the original websites

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Past Productions

Sinking Ship Creations has produced many live-action roleplay experiences. Check out our Past Events page for more information.


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