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Learn more about our upcoming live action role-play theatrical experiences.

Honor Bound

By Randy Lubin and Jason Morningstar

September 7 & 8, 2024 (multiple runs)  NYC

Two award-winning designers bring you a larp that explores toxic masculinity through the lens of honor culture and the Code Duello. Over the course of three hours, we’ll take six participants from the shores of Manhattan to the Weehawken Dueling Grounds, where you’ll negotiate the grievance between duelists… or fail violently. How will you reconcile reason in a society that values reputation above all else?

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To the Bitter End

By Bjarke Pedersen & Lizzie Stark

November 8 & 9, 2024 (two runs)  NYC

This Otto-nominate larp was designed for the Future of Storytelling Convention in 2018 and allows two strangers to play out an entire relationship in under two hours. Come and explore a romantic relationship, beginning to end, with a stranger through larp in an East Village coffee house (beverages included!) Are you ready to see and be seen by a stranger?



  • Honor Bound

  • To the Bitter End

  • Desecration

  • Good to the Last Bite

  • Sacrament

  • But Not Tonight


By Sereia McDaniel

February 7 & 8, 2025 (two runs)  NYC

Join us for the premier of a new larp from the creator of Sin & Surveillance, as they deliver a tale about New York’s high society during the height of the 1920s Egyptomania craze. Set at an auction hosted by a treasure hunter, find out what happens when the decadent and delusional try to bid on the mummified remains and grave goods of an ancient priestess.

Good to the Last Bite

By Julia Ellingboe & Kat Jones

March 7 through 8, 2025 (one run)  NYC

We’re ecstatic to be hosting another experience from the pair that brought you #WeAreNecropolis. Explore the LGBTQIA+ history of New York through the perspective of vampires running a lesbian coffee bar across the decades, and learn about the changing community in lower Manhattan as you learn there are worse bloodsuckers in the city than vampires.


By OmenStar

April 6, 2025 (one run)  NYC

Our top-rated experience returns to New York, as we host Britain’s premier larp troupe a second time. Join us for an evening of difficult decisions and Goetic summoning, as dozens of powerful creatures learn there’s always something worse out there. Those who enjoyed the last Sacrament will be able to enjoy their characters again, but newcomers will have no problem coming in and leaving their mark.

But Not Tonight

By Yeonsoo Julian Kim

May 2, 3 &4, 2025 (Multiple Runs)  NYC


This Golden Cobra Challenge award winning designer brings us back to 1986 and the end of the world. Travel back to a time of nuclear proliferation and fall-out shelters as you play a high school student who has just discovered there will be no future. A mix of 1980s teen comedies and memories of the Cold War, find out what it’s like to be young, emotional, and brave in this 8-participant larp.

Sinking Ship Creations has produced many live-action roleplay experiences. Check out our Past Events page for more information.

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