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Upload 4 - Chasers of New York

A Redacted File From a Secure Server

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ALEX K - One of the four founding members of the crew, along with FREEBIRD and OWL, ALEX K is one of the most adept disguise and con artists in the Ascension Game. Very little is know about her past, as she completely changes identities every few years. No one knows if she worked with <REDACTED> in a prior identity, or not, or if she’ll change personas again.




BISHOP - One of the few <REDACTED> BISHOP is a surviving member of <REDACTED>. Having survived the massacre <REDACTED> she now works as muscle in Purgatory, keeping to a particular, self-defined code of honor


BLETCHLEY - An extremely talented polymath who serves as the <HIS> crew’s primary hacker, he is one of <REDACTED>. Subject was accidentally drawn into the Ascension Game while working as a corporate wage drone: <REDACTED>, and he assisted in getting her to a street doc. This ended in his own revocation, and <REDACTED>.

BURBAGE - A brilliant bio-technician and medical doctor, BURBAGE brought tremendous insight into the workings of the Conspiracy when he joined the Ascension Game. BURBAGE has always been an experimenter, and continues to collaborate with CARDIFF. He is responsible for locating the technology that made <REDACTED>possible.


CARBON - A brilliant hacker with a mean streak, CARBON was one of the original crew members of HILLTOP and NYX’ old crew. CARBON and NYX never really got along, and when NYX and HILLTOP had their falling out, CARBON exacerbated it. Arguably, NYX was not shooting to kill until CARBON attacked her. In the process, CARBON was severely wounded and almost died.

CARDIFF - One of the world’s leading researchers in artificial intelligence and the human-digital interface before her revocation, CARDIFF has proven extremely valuable to her crew due to the breadth of her scientific expertise. She also possesses an extremely advanced and experimental piece of cyberware that allows her to <REDACTED> This is CARDIFF’s second stint on a crew with FREEBIRD.


CARNEGIE - One of <REDACTED>, CARNEGIE was a successful con artist before entering the Ascension Game and continues to be extremely effective. CARNEGIE and <REDACTED> are known to <REDACTED>, but she does not <REDACTED>, presumably out of loyalty to the crew as a whole.


CASSIO - Ruthless but ostensibly loyal, this former corporate exec has been a member of four crews: two dissolved peacefully, one died in an explosion while he was in the Bahamas, and now PARAMOUR’s crew. Focused on negotiations and procurement, he also has a knack for having things come up his way. <REDACTED>, but no one on the crew ever talks about it for fear of <REDACTED>


COPPER - The crew’s investigator and information gatherer, COPPER was a PI before he entered Purgatory, and the circumstances of his revocation seem to wear on him heavier than most Chasers. While extremely effective at what he does, COPPER has taken more and more to alcoholism and self-destructive behavior, and relies heavily on his crew to give him purpose.


CRASH - A former military police officer and <REDACTED>, she found herself revoked after transporting a mysterious prisoner six years ago. She tracked down KENNEDY upon <REDACTED> and then served as the crew’s primary muscle up to the Vittorio incident. Age, wounds, and fatigue are beginning to take their toll on her.


CRASSUS - Born into an old-money family, CRASSUS is one of the rare individuals who had money hidden in enough offshore accounts and private stores that their wealth survived revocation.  They bankroll the crew, but they also have a wide variety of skills picked up through their former life of luxury. CRASSUS is one of the more motivated Chasers in the Ascension Game, realizing there’s no way back to their old life, and determined to join the Conspiracy to regain what they once lost.


CULVER - A hacker trained as a white hat, he was revoked and nearly killed about a year ago. Betrayed by his corporation, CULVER survived only because KENNEDY and the rest of crew happened to be pulling a job and KENNEDY made the call to rescue him. While relatively new, he is both intensely loyal to his teammates and <REDACTED>.


DEADEYE - A former corporate hitman who developed a conscience when she was assigned to kill <REDACTED>.  After <REDACTED>, she entered Purgatory with XENO. There she has made many strong emotional connections for the first time in her life, <REDACTED>


DOTMATRIX - A cryptologist raised in a Network 32 corporate enclave, she ran away at an early age and spent most of her teenage and young adult years on the edge of purgatory, not quite looking in. A run-in with KENNEDY’s crew caused her full revocation, and so KENNEDY and crew took her in. One of the only people to befriend THE TINKER since the Vittorio massacre.


DR FG - A “pharmacist” (read: drug dealer) who had to flee to Purgatory about 8 years ago when <REDACTED>. Has made a small fortune since revocation and threw in with MOON for protection. Functions as the group’s primary fixer.


DUPONT - A former military pilot mentored in Purgatory by AUTOMATIC ALICE and DRIFTER (two greats of the early Ascension game), she formed the crew with NOAH, ESCHATON, TURIN after ALICE and DRIFTER’s apparent deaths. Currently considered one of the top crew leaders in the Ascension Game, as her crew has enjoyed significant success. A large part of this is her ability to mentor new chasers, much as she was mentored by ALICE and DRIFTER.


ESCHATON - Few Chasers have lived in Purgatory as long as ESCHATON, and none have been as successful for as long. An associate of legends like AUTOMATIC ALICE and DRIFTER, ESCHATON helped DUPONT found this crew, and still acts as an advisor to her. ESCHATON has always been known for his strategic management skills, both in his past corporate life, and in the Ascension Game.


EPIMETHEUS - An Ivy League trained surgeon, EPIMETHEUS was once one of the top medical researchers in the country. This led to his revocation after he <REDACTED>. EPIMETHEUS and PHOENIX are two of the original crew members and were actually part of the job that <REDACTED>.


FRANKIE - Short for FRANKENSTEIN, the newest member of the crew <REDACTED>. A street fighter who managed to get her hands on some high-grade wires before getting revoked. The crew found her after the wires started glitching and paid for repairs. Younger than most in the crew, she is known for violence.


FREEBIRD - A survivor of an explosion that killed most of her previous crew (except for CARDIFF and CASSIO, who is currently part of another crew), FREEBIRD has assembled one of the more unusual crews in the Ascension Game. She remains focused on their welfare to an unusual degree within Purgatory, but except for ODESSA’s incident, she has not lost a crew member in three years.


GAUGE - While still relatively young, GAUGE is an experienced Chaser, having joined the crew eight years ago at the age of 12. Most of her skills were learned from other members of the crew, and she was probably the first to <REDACTED> 


GALAVANT - A former Marine Corps officer and combat veteran, GALAVANT has become NYX’s close advisor and friend since he went AWOL and was revoked. Normally a level head, he is the member of the crew who is <REDACTED>. A tactician, he realizes <REDACTED>.


GEMINI - A brilliant hacker who makes questionable choices, GEMINI entered the shadows with WHEELER and immediately landed them with PARAMOUR due to her amazing hacking skills.  GEMINI has a tendency to make very fast decisions; usually these are very good, but occasionally very bad. She’s<REDACTED>, no one is entirely clear on this situation.


HADALY - An extremely adept fighter and hacker who joined the crew after the Suffolk Job, HADALY recently <REDACTED>.


HILLTOP - Crew leader, and a former associate of NYX. They escaped revocation together when they were both high-level execs at GenDet, and together they had a reputation as the premier crew in New York City for years (especially after AUTOMATIC ALICE’s crew broke up). HILLTOP had a severe falling out with NYX when she sided with an enemy in a firefight, and hasn’t forgiven her for wounding CARBON.


ISAIAH -  The son of doomsday cultists and rescued from their compound as a young child, ISAIAH grew up extremely religious and continues to be to this day. Hacking is a spiritual activity for him, and he tends to use religious terms to describe his work. The rest of the crew tolerates his eccentricities due to his skill, and sometimes even welcomes the surity of his worldview.


JOLIET - Street fighter with some new wires, JOLIET is LONDON’s sister. Was being groomed for the Ascension Game by her brother, but her extraction went sideways and caused <REDACTED>. Despite her difficult entry into Purgatory, JOLIET is quickly proving her value to the team.


JUMPER - One of the founders of the crew with KENNEDY and the TINKER, JUMPER has always played the crew’s therapist. Provided a counterpoint to KENNEDY in their younger days, and supports her as she recovers from losing several people during the Vittorio massacre.


KARLOFF - Almost as much of a science experiment as <REDACTED>, KARLOFF may have more cyberware jammed in him than any other living human being. KARLOFF was part of a military weapons program and suffered significant psychological trauma, and is considered one of the most dangerous individuals in New York City.


KENNEDY - Recruited the majority of the team. Entered Purgatory at a young age while chasing conspiracies as a sophomore in college. She started the crew with JUMPER and THE TINKER shortly afterwards. Three years ago, half of her crew was killed by the Vittorio crime family, and the other half was rescued by her sibling, MORRIGAN. The survivors of that incident are extremely close.


LEAR - The crew leader, who joined the Ascension Game with his partner, <REDACTED>. Both were cops together before revocation, and LEAR basically followed her into Purgatory. She disappeared a few years later, leaving LEAR behind. Since then he put together his own crew, and became known for taking in charity cases.


LONDON - A longtime associate of NYX, and brother of JOLIET. Brought JOLIET into the Ascension game, springing her from prison, along with <REDACTED>. Likely knew the truth about <REDACTED> from the beginning. An excellent second-story man and security expert. 


MOON - Crew leader, and third longest member of the crew, after EPIMETHEUS and PHOENIX. Born into a life for privilege, MOON suffered from a <REDACTED> after the implantation of reflex-enhancing wires.  Ultimately, she orchestrated her own extraction. After the previous leader died, she became the crew leader. MOON has been in charge for half a decade now and, while the crew’s been very successful, <REDACTED>.


MORRIGAN - KENNEDY’s sibling, and a former special forces operator who left behind their family when they learned their sister was still alive and in trouble. Responsible for killing seven members of the Vittorio family in rescuing the remaining crew, they have been in Purgatory ever since. An extremely effective killer, MORRIGAN grapples with<REDACTED>.


MUSTANG - A former mob enforcer and one time muscle for NYX’s crew, he was revoked after his former employer was killed by Chasers. After <REDACTED>and JOLIET joined, he bonded with them, and was <REDACTED> when when she <REDACTED>. He has been <REDACTED>, and has had <REDACTED>.


NEWTON - A <REDACTED> who is also the crew’s <REDACTED>; NEWTON gets <REDACTED> if <REDACTED> all the tinfoil-hat fantasies she makes up. While her inability to <REDACTED> is a source of embarrassment for the crew, they keep her around because <REDACTED>


NICE - The team’s OPTICSEC Spec, who has been with PARAMOUR for some time.  <REDACTED>, but the two still work together. To complicate matters, NICE is currently i<REDACTED>. NICE keeps quiet about his past, but it’s generally assumed he worked on the computer systems behind the panopticon for a time.


NOAH - One of the four founding members of the crew, NOAH was born independently wealthy and was known to work in the art world some time ago. Unfortunately, he witnessed Conspiracy activity and found himself revoked. After early success with the crew, NOAH’s reputation and skills seem to have stagnated; it seems likely he has developed alcohol-related issues in recent years.


NULL - The latest of <REDACTED>, NULL is a former pickpocket who officially never existed. Was rescued from the police by DUPONT personally and is probably <REDACTED> of any member of the crew. NULL maintains numerous connections amongst the proles, as they was never revoked - they never really existed in the system at all.


NYX - Crew leader and former associate of HILLTOP. NYX and HILLTOP were partners, and were both high level executives in <REDACTED> together before revocation. Together, they pulled off some of the most successful missions in the history of the New York City Ascension game. However, during the Gold Street Job three years ago, HILLTOP opened fire on <REDACTED> that NYX believed were <REDACTED>. NYX returned fire on her partner, and injured CARBON. Bad blood has existed ever since.


OWL - A trained commando and one of the more efficient killers in Purgatory, OWL has been with FREEBIRD her entire time in Purgatory. She met her wife, ODESSA, several years ago when the latter joined the crew, and has always been a voice of reason. When ODESSA died six months ago, OWL suffered severe depression: <REDACTED>.


PARAMOUR - The crew’s leader, who has repeatedly seen both success and failure in the Ascension Game. While him and NICE are the only survivors of a run gone bad a couple of years ago, he’s been able to build up a very adept crew very quickly. He’s also a man of great appetites and passion; <REDACTED>


PHOEBUS - A recent addition to HILLTOP’s team, PHOEBUS is an expert hacker with significant combat wires. She is very quiet about her past, which is believed to have corporate ties of some sort. <REDACTED>.


PHOENIX - One of two surviving founders of the crew and the only one, aside from EPIMETHEUS, who wasn’t directly recruited by MOON. Former razor girl who entered the Ascension game over a decade ago to find out what happened to a murdered family member. A recent facial injury has forced her to accept an external ocular prosthetic, and is under financial strain to maintain expensive upgrades to her wires.


PRIEST - PRIEST was once the hacker on a legendary crew that include well-known Chasers such as AUTOMATIC ALICE, DRIFTER, and ESCHATON. When that crew broke up, he was heavily recruited by HILLTOP and NYX when they both still worked together. PRIEST is one of the most cunning veteran’s of the Ascension game, and serves as what is best described as a consultant.


ROMAN - The crew’s OPTISEC specialist, a former MTA supervisor who helped maintain surveillance systems for the subway. He ultimately helped cover up one too many incidents, found himself revoked, and was saved by the crew. He has a wife and child whom he illegally monitors, despite the risk.


ROBICQUET - Former GenDet executive who quickly moved up the corp hierarchy as a high-level negotiator, ROBICQUET eventually got their hands on some very dangerous information. They quickly managed to locate MOON and talk their way onto the crew. An extremely effective face, they sometimes demonstrate incredibly mercenary tendencies, but have also proven their loyalty to the crew on several occasions.


SEEKER - The groups information monger and face, who has always been extremely secretive. One of the last individuals to join HILLTOP and NYX when the two were together, SEEKER has become more and more withdrawn ever since the <REDACTED>. He acts as if he saw something there that unnerved him, but does not discuss what. 


SHRIKE - An <REDACTED> who was rescued from incarceration after HILLTOP decided he needed more muscle after his break from NYX. SHRIKE has been extremely successful since he entered Purgatory, and is one of HILLTOP’s top earners. 


SIENA - Teams OPTISEC specialist, who was the first individual to join the team after the Vittorio massacre. It took a year before the team was ready to replenish their numbers, and SIENA was instrumental in getting the team functional again.  A former cop, she not only knows the panopticon and its procedures, but can keep the team ahead of law enforcement.

THE TINKER - An information monger and former corporate spook with a mean streak, the Tinker entered Purgatory relatively late in life, and spent an unknown amount of time in hiding prior to starting the crew with JUMPER and KENNEDY. One of the survivors of the Vittorio massacre, the only new member she’s warmed up to is DOTMATRIX.


SOCRATES - An old friend of NYX and HILLTOP, who was with them since the beginning of their careers. A fixer by trade, and expert in the black market, SOCRATES ability to negotiate and smooth over situations is largely the reason the two crews haven’t killed each other. Since HILLTOP and NYX haven’t spoken in years, it falls to SOCRATES to communicate between them.


SYRACUSE - A former hacker who taught himself about the panopticon post-revocation, SYRACUSE joined the crew about two years ago as the OPTISEC specialist. In a past life, he was a corporate type with <REDACTED>, and rumored to be the son of someone important.


TURIN - One of the original members of the crew and it’s OPTISEC specialist, TURIN was brought in by DUPONT and ESCHATON to handle the panopticon. In his previous life, TURIN was a hacker who did primarily contracts. However, in Purgatory, he focuses primarily on security. One of the older OPTISEC specialists still working, he is considered one of the best.


VENICE - An OPTISEC specialist who is relatively new to the crew, and who joined after t<REDACTED>. VENICE maintains a high degree of professionalism, an important trait on a crew that includes numerous individuals who didn’t exactly choose to be part of the Ascension Game.


WHEELER - The crew’s getaway driver and the only truly level head in the group, WHEELER was hauled into the Ascension Game by her best friend GEMINI. While her skills focus on driving (she was an illegal drag racer before revocation), WHEELER also has demonstrated both planning abilities and considerable people skills.  <REDACTED>


WINTER - One of the more violent individuals in the Ascension Game, and not surprisingly, one of the most effective. WINTER has always been something of a mercenary, but is an “honest criminal” (once paid off, she stays loyal) and PARAMOUR pays her well. Currently<REDACTED>.


XENO - A former spook who knew too much, XENO is close to DEADEYE: the two entered the Ascension Game together when<REDACTED>

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