Why have You Traveled to the land of No Return?

Extended through November

New York City


A Mythic Quest, Just For You

The moon is full. The days grow short. And somewhere, you know she waits for you. Beneath the signs and the subways, beyond the bridges and buildings, there is another world, an older world. 

To see it, one must journey downward. Let us show you the way. 

Descent is an augmented reality quest through the streets of New York City, where one person embarks on a mysterious quest to discover secrets from past millennia. This completely immersive experience begins in your home the week of Halloween, and progresses to take you throughout New York City, leading to live interactions with legendary characters as you pursue something… or someone… lost to time. Ultimately, you’ll decide if you bring them back, or if some secrets should remain untold. 


This experience lasts one week. Extensive risk-mitigation due to COVID-19 will be required of all participants. Content Warnings: nudity, sexuality

Halloween tickets are sold out! Descent has been extended for two limited runs - 

November 1 - 7

November 8 - 14

Admission - $560

Less than 10 tickets per run

The Experience

A Week-long Augmented Reality Story

Four hours of personal Interactions

A live-Action quest through

New York City


Descent considers COVID-19 to be our primary risk; we have several important procedures to mitigate your risk and the risk of our performers. Understand that to participate in Descent, you must agree to the following:

  • You must properly wear a face mask throughout the experience.

  • You must maintain 6 feet from our performers at all times.

  • You must agree to share results of a recent COVID-19 test with us, and temperature testing throughout the experience.

You may review our full COVID-19 policy here​.


When: Sunday to Saturday

Your in-person scenes will start Friday afternoon

Where: New York City

The experience will start in your home, and progress to Manhattan

Cost: $560

Content Warning

Nudity, Sexual Content

Please review our event-specific policiesCode of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.


We're keeping the details of the plot secret, so that you may enjoy the mystery of the experience. However, here are some examples of the activities included in the experience:

  • Live, one-on-one scenes with actors.

  • Rituals in evocative locations.

  • Puzzles you can pursue in your free time during the week.

  • Physical activities appropriate for a mythic quest.

For more information, please review our FAQ.


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Hover on the images for photo credit. Primary photography by Frank Martinez (model: Katalena Mermelstein)