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We’re about to announce our 2024-2025 season - a slate of six larps we’re producing here in New York City - and that means we’re going to be hiring quite a few facilitators for these shows. In an effort to gather a  diverse and talented crew, we’re holding an open facilitator training on Sunday, July 14 at 1 pm. The training will be 4 hours and cost $15 (see below for details). The training will be held at Ridley-Grier Studios (520 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10018) in Studio 16 O.

Facilitator Training

Next Event: 1 pm, Sun, July 14 

Location: Ridley-Grier Studios,
Studio 16, 520 8th Ave NYC.

$15 per person

Our Crew Needs You

Our facilitator training is designed to instruct experienced actors and larpers on Sinking Ship Creations’ style of larp. We focus on facilitation not only to promote role-play,  but as a primary means to deliver design intent.

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Topics to cover include:

  • Risk management

  • Participant management

  • Facilitating role-play

  • Advanced facilitation techniques


Completion of this training means that you would be ready to facilitate most of our productions without any additional rehearsal. Since this saves us time and money, if you’re later hired as a facilitator at one of our productions, we’ll refund you any payments and credit you with four hours of rehearsal.  


Cost of the workshop is $15.  We will waive this fee for potential facilitators who help us increase our diversity in casting. Specifically, we will waive this fee for:

  • Puerto Rican, Dominican and Chinese facilitators to help us reflect the ethnic diversity of the Lower East Side.

  • Spanish-speaking facilitators to help us make larp more accessible to our local community.

  • Transgender men and women to better reflect the demographics of our existing participant base.

  • As always, we encourage Black and Indigenous facilitators to take advantage of our Social Justice policies; we will cover your admission.

If any of those four cases apply, please use the code WORKSHOP2024 when purchasing a ticket. If you believe you might be able to help us achieve better representation of our local community and participant base but are not covered by the previous cases, please reach out via; we’re eager to hear from you!

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